Video editing services including professional video editors & Adobe video edit suite hire in Singapore.

Spectrum TV freelance video crew
Spectrum TV freelance video crew

Spectrum TV provides video editing services so that we can offer a one stop shop for all of our clients covering all 3 stages of the editing process, pre-production, production and post production.

Video editing includes cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips, and adding transitions and other special effects. In television, the phases of post-production include: editing, video editing, sound editing, animation and visual effects insertions, viewing and the start of the airing process. It is imperative that post-production executes and oversees the preparation until the final product is completely ready.

Video and audio data are first captured to video servers, other hard disk-based systems, or other digital storage devices. The data are either direct to disk recording or are imported from another source (transcoding, digitizing, transfer). Once imported, the source material can be edited on a computer using application software, any of a wide range of video editing software.

In non-linear editing, the original source files are not lost or modified during editing. This is one of the biggest advantages of non-linear editing compared to linear editing. Professional editing software records the editor’s decisions in an edit decision list (EDL) that is exportable to other editing tools. Many generations and variations of the original source files can exist without storing many different copies, allowing for very flexible editing. It also makes it easy to change cuts and undo previous decisions simply by editing the edit decision list.

Compared to the linear method of tape-to-tape editing, non-linear editing offers the flexibility of film editing, with random access and easy project organization. With the edit decision lists, the editor can work on low-resolution copies of the video. This makes it possible to edit both standard-definition broadcast quality and high definition broadcast quality very quickly on desktop computers that may not have the power to process huge full-quality high-resolution data in real-time.

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